Flinger is a start-up project with Mote Labs.

Flinger empowers anybody to easily create and curate their own smart TV channel. Control your own channel from any second screen device and watch it on any other computer or connected-TV. Share your unique channel code with friends and you can watch and fling web content together in real-time. Video content is synchronized between an unlimited number of screens and remotes to create a truly unique video sharing experience unlike anything else available on the web today.


Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014 UX Challenge - Honorable Mention in Innovation

In this contest Microsoft asked students around the world to dig deep into their project’s user experience: the flow a user encounters with the software, the information architecture of how menus and screens are connected, wireframe examples of a couple of major screens, and finally a visual target showing one example of how the finished software would look.

Meet the UX Challenge Winners


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The remote app allows you to que and control a channel.

Flinger App Preview

The viewer app allows you to view a channel and gives you limited control.

Flinger App Preview

The remote and the viewer work together.

Flinger App Preview

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